Agencies within Erath County are cleaning house. The county commissioners, sheriff’s office and county clerk’s office have items for sale through an online auction hosted by Alliance Auction & Realty.

Items are available to be bid on through noon on May 2. Proceeds from the sale will go back in the county budget to recoup the value of the no longer needed items on behalf of the county taxpayers.

“Erath County has been very diligent in the maintenance and care of their equipment over the years. They don’t wear it completely out before they replace many of the items and that means the resale value is higher and less costly for the taxpayers. The auction method allows the buying market to establish the correct value, offers Erath County citizens the opportunity to purchase and makes a completely transparent process for all,” said auctioneer Brent Graves.

The offering in this year’s auction includes a mobile rock crusher, heavy equipment, large trucks, vehicles and exercise equipment.

Most of the larger items can be viewed prior to the auction at Alliance Auction & Realty located at 895 E. South Loop Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. or online at

Interested bidders can contact Alliance at 254-965-4040 for additional information.