After a night of heavy rain, Erath County residents woke up Wednesday morning to news that a high-water rescue was taking place in Dublin.

The news only worsened as the day progressed with reports that there is only one survivor - the father - in a family of four caught up in the rushing water on FM 1702.

Erath County Sheriff Matt Coates said the father was found clinging to a tree and was transported to Texas Health Harris Stephenville Hospital.

The mother’s body was recovered inside the car. 

“A short time later the body of a seven-year-old boy was found about 400 yards from the car,” Coates said. “A three-year-old little girl was found about three miles down the creek.”

Coates said it is unclear how the accident happened and an investigation is underway. 

Dublin Police Chief Bobby Mendez said his department did not assist in the rescue effort, but was involved in traffic control and helping feed those assisting in the effort.

“It’s a tragedy,” Mendez said. 

April Thomson said Thomson Services is taking donations to assist that family.