It may come as a surprise to some that the Ranger College campus in Ranger is home to international students from across the globe.  

In fact, four members of the men’s basketball team that won second-place in the recent NJCAA national championship tournament last month are from countries other than the United States.  It’s the same focus in creating a multi-cultural environment that led Ranger College to pursue authorization from federal authorities in designating the Erath County Center as an educational option for international students.

With approval from the Department of Homeland Security and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, students from outside the United States can begin taking classes at the Erath Center in Stephenville this summer.  

Robert Culverhouse, Dean of Enrollment Management, said, “The Erath designation opens the ability for our international students to easily transfer to Tarleton, and for current university students to take classes with us if they choose to do so.”  

The Erath Center currently offers programs not available on the home campus such as machining, cosmetology and early childhood education and this summer will mark the first time Ranger international students have had access to such programs.       

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