Cassandra Bloemhof, a teacher at Gilbert Intermediate, addressed the school board Monday night to discuss her utilization of having the student council conduct daily video announcements rather than morning announcements over the intercom.

She said that with the regular announcements conducted over the intercom, students didn’t listen.

“We wanted to be able to improve communication with our students and the idea to do that is to create video announcements,” she said. “The reason we wanted to do video announcements was the efficiency, just so that students can be able to listen better [and] they would get messages across easier. The visual obviously is easier to get the messages across; it’s much more organized.”

The process starts with a Google form, which Bloemhof sends out every day to teachers on campus. Teachers fill out the form with news for the day and Bloemhof converts the information into a script on a Google doc. The students then copy and paste the script onto an apple page, which has a presenter mode and the students can use the apple page like a teleprompter.

Once the students are done filming, it is put on a green screen and Bloemhof uses iMovie to edit it.

Bloemhof said the video announcements make everything quicker, more efficient and has helped students improve communication skills. She also said the video announcements have helped her students with stage fright.

“Students do know that there are going to be 600 kids watching these announcements in the morning. It makes them nervous, but over the last couple of months of doing it, they have gotten so much better and even though they know that everyone is going to be watching, they want to do well,” she said.

She hopes to eventually teach students how to edit the videos.

“I'm very excited to continue doing this and my kids love it,” Bloemhof said.