Hermelinda Fernandez, a nursing student at Ranger College, received a $10,000 Russell D. Holt Memorial Scholarship from the Ranger College Nursing Program on Tuesday afternoon.

The Russell D. Holt Memorial Scholarship was created to provide tuition assistance to students entering the vocational nursing program from Ranger College Erath County Center.

According to the Russell D. Holt Memorial Scholarship application, “Russell D. Holt, M.D. (1910-1959), devoted his life to the practice of medicine, and he was centrally involved in the establishment of vocational nurse training in Texas. He was largely responsible for the founding of the Texas League of Vocational Nurses, and he was a principal figure in the passing of the Vocational Nursing licensing law in Texas in 1951. He was an original member of the State Board of Licensed Vocational Nurses, and he maintained an Accredited School of Vocational Nursing in Meridian, Texas, at Holt Hospital, which he founded in 1938. He was also a charter member of The Private Clinics and Hospitals Association of Texas and he served as the organization’s president in 1957. At the time of his death in 1959, he was serving on the Texas Hospital Association and was chairman of the Committee on Nursing Care of the Private clinics and Hospital Association of Texas.”

The memorial scholarship established in Holt’s name is intended to honor his memory and extend his legacy by enabling motivated and worthy individuals to achieve a high-quality training in vocational nursing.

Fernandez is from Stephenville and is in her last semester of nursing school.

She said she is “very thankful to the Russell D. committee for participating in this scholarship.”

“Since I can remember, I have always wanted to do something challenging and to be able to help people and I know with nursing, I am able to do that,” she said.

The scholarship provides an award of $10,000, approximately equivalent to the full cost of Ranger College’s one-year LVN training program.