The Texan Ranch Group, Inc. is proud to announce the purchase of Lone Star Arena.  

The arena has been a major landmark for the Stephenville area since the 1980s and is known for its contribution to the “Cowboy Capital of the World” image and heritage. The Texan Ranch Group, Inc. intends to rebuild and improve the facility that contributes to the community and restore its reputation as a major venue in this area.

 Lone Star Arena will continue to be open for all scheduled events, but when events are not in progress, management intends to make major improvements to the facility.  

The initial plans are to concentrate on the parking area, restroom facilities, and sound system. 

The owner of L1 Contracting, Royce Light, will begin work on the parking area and construction repairs immediately.  

 Lone Star Arena is a facility that can accommodate a diverse amount of activities oriented toward equine, entertainment, education, and agriculture. By making improvements to the grounds and structures, and changing management practices, Texan Ranch Group, Inc. and their team hope to increase notable events in all of these areas.

 The new General Manager, Cole Barber, said, “The Lone Star Arena team and I are excited about this opportunity. We believe in what this arena can become and the significant economic impact it can have on the community if we do our jobs well.  We know that it is not going to turn around overnight and will always be a work in progress, but if we are careful stewards and operate it with first class service, we can make a lasting difference. This arena has provided lots of great memories for people all over the United States and our team wants more of those memories to be made by securing the future of the Lone Star Arena.”