Girl Scout Troop 4170 donated Thanks-A-Lot cookies to Stephenville Parks and Recreation Department on Friday.

“A lot of times people can’t eat the cookies because of dietary needs so they donate money so we can donate (cookies) to other people. We try to think of some people that really don’t get appreciation. People use SPARD activities all of the time,” said Troop Leader Heather Beran.

One of the Girl Scouts wanted to explain what a Thanks-A-Lot cookie is like.

“It’s a big, shortbread cookie that has been dipped in milk chocolate on the bottom and on the top, it says ‘thanks a lot’ in different languages,” said third grader Julie Millican.

Each girl had a box of cookies they hand-delivered to each of the employees at SPARD.

“The SPARD, they are kind of the unsung heroes in our small community. We don’t think about the details it takes to put things together,” said Troop Leader Karen Finney.