Mary Louise Jones, a longtime resident of Erath County, will celebrate her 100th birthday today.

Jones grew up in the Green’s Creek Community in Dublin, and was only 13 when her mother died so she helped her dad in the field and she drove teams of gray mules.

Jones married her husband, Eloyce, when she was 18. She and her husband worked as dairy farmers and she was also a housewife when they had children. They were married 36 years when he passed away.

She has two children, Mack, who lives in Dublin, and Ronald, who is deceased, three granddaughters; Tracy, Rhonda and Rachel, and five great-grandchildren; Blake and Brooke Berwick and Meredith, Karenna and Grant Miller.

Jones said she can’t believe that she is about to turn 100.

“[During the last month] I’ve gone back over things that have happened. Your cars upgraded, your airplanes, I guess they had them in the World War I, but nobody traveled in them and of course, we went from teams of mules to horses and tractors and all kinds of machinery for farming,” she said.

She said her favorite memory was when she went down to Paluxy to go fishing with 12 of her friends on one Friday the 13th.

“We stayed for almost a week and the one thing that I can remember, daddy had the team of horses that day and it had rained and the roads were slick, and one of the horses slipped and ran his nose right in the mud,” she said with a laugh.

Before she became a dairy farmer, she worked at a shoe store and several fast food restaurants including Grandy’s in Stephenville.

Jones resides at Mulberry Manor Nursing Home, but still tries to be independent.

“I'm trying to be independent, but moving very cautiously,” she said, laughing. “In a lot of ways, it’s been a good life and in a lot of ways, it’s had its trials. It’s been a full life.”