The investigation into an alleged robbery at a home in Stephenville has stalled after the victim stopped cooperating with police.

Lt. Don Miller said the Stephenville Police Department received a call about 3 p.m. Wednesday that a robbery had taken place at a residence on Coleman Street.

“The lady who made the call - Morgan Conboy Staneart - said she was hit in the face and that a wallet, $60 cash, keys and a small amount of marijuana were taken,” Miller said. “In order for us to proceed with the investigation, we asked for consent to search the home and she refused. She was afraid that if we found more drugs she would be arrested.”

Staneart posted about the incident on Facebook claiming that two individuals showed up at her house dressed as utility workers.

She said they robbed her at gunpoint and one man punched her in the face twice.

“Once I called one (of) the robbers by name… I was then punched in the face and they left in a hurry once I had one identified,” she wrote. “They took my cell phone and my car/house keys, and my (roommate’s) wallet so I couldn't leave or call anyone. I had a brand new phone sitting behind them waiting to be turned on, so they're obviously not super smart.”

She said the suspects left behind a tool belt.

Miller said he believed the incident happened but can’t move forward with the investigation until Staneart cooperates.

“We have a couple of suspects, but our hands are tied at this point,” Miller said. “We wouldn’t even be talking about this had she not put it on Facebook. That was her decision, not ours.”