The 2017-18 Texas Academic Performance Report shows that Stephenville ISD students performed equal to or higher than the state on the STAAR test.

The Stephenville ISD board of trustees heard the report during Monday’s meeting.

The 2018 Accountability Ratings Overall Summary reports that Stephenville’s overall scaled score was an 89.

In both reading and science, SISD scored equal to or greater than the region and state, but in social studies, SISD scored lower.

“It’s especially difficult to prepare for social studies because students must possess an extensive knowledge of history. Unlike other subjects, we add information to that content because every day we add some history, so it’s very extensive what they have to learn for that particular subject,” Henderson Junior High Principal Renee Goodwin told the board.

Goodwin said SISD officials met with Ranger College and they will begin partnering to offer an LVN degree.

“Students will begin the coursework as seniors and continue with Ranger to receive their associate’s degree and the ability to sit for the LVN exam," Goodwin said. "In addition they will be able to take the CNA, the certified nurse’s assistant exam, shortly after they graduate from high school, so then they could work as a CNA as they’re completing their degree for an LVN."

Another piece of the TAPR report includes post-secondary institutions.

"Sixty-six percent of our 2016 graduates went on to a public college or university and 32 percent of those graduates were performing at a 3.0 or better in their first year so I think that’s a pretty awesome statistic,” Goodwin added.