The Stephenville City Council approved a Sidewalk Cost Sharing Program Tuesday intended for citizens who want to replace or install a new sidewalk in front of their home.  

Residential homeowners who are eligible can apply for 50/50 funding split, with the city picking up 50 percent of the cost. 

Property values for citizens who participate are expected to go up, according to city officials. 

“The intent is to encourage people to put sidewalks in front of their houses and for the city of Stephenville to participate in that process,” Stephenville Mayor Doug Svien said.  

The city’s financial participation is limited to removal and replacement of only the portion of the sidewalk parallel to the public street, a standard-width section of sidewalk that connects to the public street, and one standard width panel of lead walk to connect the public sidewalk with the lead walk, according to the news release. The lead walk — the portion of the sidewalk that connects the public sidewalk to the house — will be the responsibility of the homeowner. 

One sidewalk has already been installed, and two more applicants are interested.  

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Full payment of the property owner’s share of the cost will be due upon application approval. A formal performance agreement between the city and the property owner will be required. 

For sidewalks that meet the criteria, the cost will depend on the contract price at the time the formal agreement is submitted. 

For more information on the program, see Saturday’s edition of the E-T.