Dr. Ann Calahan has served as a Stephenville ISD school board member for 18 years and she isn’t done yet.

Calahan, who also serves as the board’s president, and Scott Osman, vice president, are both up for reelection in May and both say they will run again.

Calahan will seek her seventh three-year term and said she wants to stay on the board a little longer to “complete the bond package.”   

Osman is finishing up his second term and filed paperwork on Wednesday for a third. 

“I am running for school board trustee because we can’t get to where we want to be if we do not hold

the district accountable and question the status quo,” Osman said. “Although the focus of education is not on profitability, SISD should be fiscally responsible with the taxpayers’ investment in our children. The district should be run like a business and needs to be transparent in its operation, eliminate wasteful spending, and make its decisions based on what is in the best interest of our children instead of what is easiest or avoids confrontation.”