After two days of testimony, a jury of five women and seven men found Edward Darrall Anderson guilty of delivery of methamphetamine on Tuesday and sentenced him to 15 years in the penitentiary. 

Sgt. Russell Ford of the Stephenville Police Department testified about an operation conducted in December 2016 in which an informant contacted Anderson to purchase “a couple of grams” of “stuff” in Stephenville. 

The informant and Anderson agreed to meet in the parking lot of PT’s Bar off Lillian Street at 2 p.m. on Dec. 7. 

The informant was equipped with a hidden video camera and provided buy money. Under the surveillance of detectives, the informant approached Anderson’s vehicle, and the exchange of money and methamphatamine was made. 

Anderson sold the informant what turned out to be just over one-half gram of methamphetamine. 

Within minutes of the exchange, Officer Gary Roberts stopped Anderson, who was in possession of the buy money used by the informant. Sgt. Ford interviewed Anderson, and he confessed to the delivery. 

The punishment range for Anderson’s offense was enhanced due to prior criminal history, which included several cases of theft and driving while intoxicated. 

“Methamphetamine use is a common element in cases of child neglect, theft and violent crime in our county,” District Attorney Alan Nash said in a statement Tuesday. “It is heartening that Erath County jurors take such a dim view of those who feed addiction in our communities, no matter how small the quantity of narcotics may be. This should be a chilling reminder to drug dealers that they would be well served to find a new profession or peddle their poison somewhere other than Erath County.”