The Erath County Historical Commission has started a project to check the condition of all historical markers in the county. There are 97 markers in the county, many which date back to the 1960s, and may show deterioration due to weather and other factors.  

Anyone who has markers in their area is urged to help the commission and report any medallion that appears to need restoration. 

The Texas Historical Commission has issued special instructions on restoring markers to their original brilliance and preserving them for future generations. Attached is a list of the twelve oldest markers and special attention is being paid to these historic sites.

These are the 12 oldest historical markers in Erath County:

1936 - Centennial Marker for William H. Pate

1963 - Erath County Courthouse

1967 - Berry Cottage

1969 - Thurber

1971 - Public Well in Bluff Dal

1972 - Round Grove Baptist Church

1972 - Trinity Episcopal Church, Dublin

1972 - Early Commercial Building, Dublin

1975 - Community of Huckabay

1977 - Stephenville Church of 1900, Museum

1976 - Daniel and Mary Anna Thornton, Hannibal

1977 - Crow Opera House

1979 - Duffau Baptist Church