DPS Staff Sgt. Dub Gillum is offering more tips on ways to stay safe in 2019. 

Do not drink and drive. Make alternate travel plans if you are consuming alcohol. Slow down – especially in bad weather, construction areas, heavy traffic and unfamiliar areas. Eliminate distractions while driving, including the use of mobile devices. Texas law prohibits using a portable wireless device to read, write or send an electronic message unless the vehicle is stopped. Buckle up everyone in the vehicle – it’s the law. Don’t drive fatigued – allow plenty of time to reach your destination. Drive defensively, as holiday travel may present additional challenges. If you see a road hazard or something suspicious during the holidays, report it to the nearest law enforcement agency. Before your trip begins, make sure your vehicle is properly maintained and always double check to make sure all cargo is secure. Monitor weather and road conditions wherever you are traveling.  In the event of inclement weather, use extra caution on roadways. For road conditions in Texas, visit Drive Texas.