Flight Reach Productions of Stephenville has given birth to Flight Reach Studios.

Fisher Rinderknecht, founder and CEO of Flight Reach Productions, has launched a new sister company to serve a need he saw in the community for a professional photography studio.

Flight Reach Studios was created to focus on special moments such as maternity shoots, graduations, weddings, portraits, family shots and even holiday cards.

“We’re really focused on everything that is a special memory to a person or a family,” Rinderknecht said. “This is our new personal lifestyle brand, which operates sort of as a sister business to Flight Reach Productions.”

Flight Reach Studios can capture memorable photos “in the moment” when “chaos and fun meet beauty,” he explained. “We want this to be a fun, fresh exciting boutique photography experience.”

Rinderknecht, 24, said that he aims for the studio experience to provide “laughter, and possibly even tears of joy — as memorable as we can.”

After graduating from Glen Rose High School, Rinderknecht moved to Stephenville in 2012. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration, graduating from Tarleton State University last spring.

He said that his first company, Flight Reach Productions, created a “big umbrella” as a digital marketing agency, with a large clientele base. Its focus remains on commercial business promotions and photography, real estate and promotional videos, along with website design and social media management.

Flight Reach Productions has been located at 198 S. Belknap St., Suite 205 since January. The website for the new company, Flight Reach Studios (flightreachstudios.com), launched just this week.

“The growth of Flight Reach Productions has enabled Flight Reach Studios to become a thing,” he said. “We’re still very excited about it. It has been a huge blessing.

“It is truly amazing that I’m even standing here today. It has taken off so fast. I never expected Flight Reach Productions to grow as fast as it did. We do a lot of work from Abilene to Austin."

He said that he saw a real need for Flight Reach Studios, which is the only professional photography studio in Stephenville.

He signed a contract with the Stephenville Parks and Recreation Department to shoot individual and team photos of all its youth sports leagues, starting in December.

Rinderknecht’s staff includes Brady Witcher and studio manager Kaitlin Hooper. Hooper primarily serves as the studio photographer. Witcher is focused on website design work, along with a wide range of other duties.

Rinderknecht began learning about business from his parents, Brett and Julie Rinderknecht, who own and operate Country Pet Care located between Glen Rose and Granbury.

“I always knew I wanted to work for myself, and this just sort of came to me,” Rinderknecht said.

Last December, Rinderknecht was appointed by the City Council to serve a two-year term on the Stephenville Economic Development Authority Board.

He said he can feel that the city is making progress in the business world.

“Stephenville really is on the verge of the next big thing,” he said. “There is a lot of economic development coming to fruition.”