If you see a Stephenville police officer with more facial hair than usual, pay them no mind.

They’re just busy raising money and awareness for childhood cancer by taking part in the Beard it up Campaign.

“We were first contacted by Vicky Bridier, who is the wife of a Granbury trooper,” said Police Chief Jason King. “The Bridiers lost their four-year-old daughter to cancer and have since teamed up with a foundation called The Cure Starts Now to help find a cure for childhood cancer. ”

King said he jumped at the chance to get involved.

Officers are encouraged to grow goatees and beards throughout the campaign and with doing so, donate $30 for a goatee and $50 for a beard. 

Female employees are able to participate in the Color For The Cure campaign by donating $30 to wear colored nail polish or $50 for colored hair.  

Anyone can make a donation by visiting the Stephenville Police Department’s Facebook page where they will find a link to the fundraiser.

Money raised will be donated in memory of Jade Bridier and Somervell County Trooper Clint Beatty’s son Nathan who died from cancer last year.

“Cancer is an awful disease, especially childhood cancer,” King said. “We are encouraging people to donate. It’s a great cause.”