A 57-year-old Glen Rose woman pleaded guilty Tuesday to murder for the July 1 shooting death of her daughter in what she described as a mercy killing.

In a plea bargain hearing Tuesday, Catherine Bise, 57, was sentenced to five years in prison with credit for the 130 days she has been waiting trial in the Somervell County jail.

Bise was arrested on July 1 after calling police. In an interview on Oct. 23 at the jail with Texan News, she said her daughter was suicidal and asked for help in ending her life.

“She had told me throughout the month of June that she was suicidal,” Bise said.

“She wanted to end her life,” Bise said of her daughter. “She convinced me that was what she wanted done. That Sunday afternoon she told me she wanted to take a nap and didn’t want to wake up.”

“I had a pistol and I shot her in the head,” Bise said.

Bise said her daughter suffered from Ehlers-Dahlos Syndrome, a genetic disorder that left her in near constant pain. Ehlers-Dahlos Syndrome is a disorder that affects connective tissue, primarily skin, joints and blood vessel walls. Ehlers-Dahlos Syndrome has no cure but it can be treated if diagnosed on time.

In court on Tuesday, Bise appeared calm as she answered questions from the judge. The prosecutor said an intensive investigation was conducted, including a polygraph examination of Bise.

“It‘s clear that her daughter was in intensive pain,” said prosecutor Dale Hanna. “It’s tragic situation, but under the state of Texas law, it’s still a murder.”

To watch a video of Catherine Bise’s interview in the Somervell County jail, go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1alQbILvtI.