The makeup of the Stephenville City Council will not change after voters rejected a proposed amendment to reduce the number of sitting city council members from 8 to 6. Voters also said no to increasing the length of terms from two to three years.

Those are the results of two of the 14 proposed amendments to the city charter voters considered on Tuesday. 

Voters, however, did pass a measure that would force council members and the mayor to take a one-year hiatus after serving two consecutive terms in office.

Here is a look at how voters weighed in on each proposition:

Amendment 1 - DID NOT PASS

The city will have six council members and a mayor. A quorum at any council meeting will be established by the presence of at least four members.

Amendment 2 - DID NOT PASS

Increase the term of office from two to three years. The mayor and council members will be elected for a three-year term.

Amendment 3 - PASSED

The mayor and council members will not be allowed to seek re-election to the same office after they have been elected to two consecutive terms in office until they have taken a one-year hiatus.

Amendment 4 - PASSED

An immediate vacancy will be declared should any council member or the mayor move from the city or be convicted of a crime above a misdemeanor. Vacancies in the office of a council member arising from any cause will be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term at an election to be held on the first uniform election date not earlier than 30 days after the vacancy occurs.

Amendment 5 - PASSED

Amend sections which reference Board of Equalization.

Amendment 6 - PASSED

Amend articles to adhere to state law relating to qualifications, municipal elections, canvassing elections, public sale and oath of office.

Amendment 7 - PASSED

Remove invalid or outdated language related to council members, terms of office, power of the city council and powers and duties.

Amendment 8 - PASSED

Removal of contingent appropriation section.

Amendment 9 - PASSED

Reflect the correct form of government; powers and duties; preparation, submission, content of budget; disbursement of funds; and city manager information.

Amendment 10 - PASSED

A budget will be submitted to the council at least 45 days prior to the beginning of each budget year.

Amendment 11 - PASSED

Remove the director of finance’s power to approve contracts.

Amendment 12 - PASSED

All appropriations, other than those designated for capital expenditures, will lapse at the end of the budget year to the extent that they will not have been expended or lawfully encumbered.

Amendment 13 - PASSED

Personal property of the city will be offered for sale in open competition under rules and regulations the city council may prescribe. Real property of the city shall be sold in accordance with the Texas Local Government Code. The city council will have the power to reject any and all bids and advertise again.

Amendment 14 - PASSED

Any elected city official will be subject to recall and removal from office by the qualified voters of Stephenville on grounds of incompetency, misconduct or malfeasance in office.