Cross Timbers Family Services is a local organization with a mission of preventing and helping victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and other violent crimes through empowerment, advocacy, awareness and action for social change. 

“Domestic violence doesn’t just affect the survivor, it is far reaching, affecting our children, our loved ones, our places of employment and our health care system,” said Jodee Lucero, president of CTFS. “It truly is a crime that can change the path of a person’s life.”

Lucero says that for many, domestic violence is an uncomfortable subject. 

“So often we place responsibility for the violence on the survivor. Yet as a society, we talk about how it takes a community to raise children,” she said. “These are our children living in homes where violence is a regular occurrence. It shapes how they will have relationships of their own. It is often reflected in their lack of confidence and security; education isn’t always a priority when you are worried about your safety. 

“It baffles me how many say domestic violence isn’t any of their business, if only people understood how it directly impacts us all.”

If you or someone you know is in an abusive situation and needs help, call 866-934-HELP.