The Stephenville Police Department is investigating a string of counterfeit bills passed at least four times on Saturday.

The counterfeit money, all $10 and $20 bills, were passed at Cowboy Tobacco, Staples, Coconut Hut and a local Boy Scout troop selling popcorn at Walmart.

Surveillance video from Walmart captured images of the suspect and his vehicle. 

The photos show a white male with dark hair and tattoos on his left arm.

“The picture we have of the suspect shows him carrying the popcorn he purchased from the Boy Scouts,” said Lt. Paula Claunch.

Claunch said the recent counterfeit bills appear to be connected with a string of similar incidents that occurred in Stephenville in early September.

She is encouraging local businesses to be aware. 

“I would encourage businesses to use the pen that detects counterfeit bills. They should keep them at each of their registers,” Claunch said. “The texture of the money feels and looks different from the real thing.”

Anyone with information about the suspect should call Erath County Crime Stoppers at 254-965-CASH.