If you have visited Dinosaur Valley Park in the past 10 years you have driven by the Glen Rose Stone Hut where Mr. Morris Bussey, aka the Glen Rose fossil hunter, resides.

The hut was originally called the moonshine cabin and is 88 years old and is located at 1184 FM 205.

“I love being here in my man cave, I can do whatever I want and I don’t have to work for the man anymore. If I am in here taking a nap, just ring the bell and I will be right there,” he said.

Bussey has been studying and digging for fossils most of his life. He and his wife Susan moved to Glen Rose in 1976 where he worked for Comanche Peak until 2000. He was employed at Rough Creek Lodge from 2000-2008. Bussey not only worked in the concierge service but held fossil digs there as well.

Bussey had his eye on the Stone Hut for years when Liz Sherrell owned it. Her picture is on a shelf in the shop.

When Sherrell passed away her daughter Barbara wanted to sell it to the Busseys because she knew he would keep the business intact. It took her two years to find them. She offered to sell them the business and Bussey’s wife bought it for him as a retirement present.

In 2008 Bussey reopened the Stone Hut and kept the entire original exterior and interior of the building, but added his own touch. He and his wife decided to clear out the area behind the hut and create a fossil digging area for children.

It took them three years to clear out all the brush and they not only discovered more fossils but they also found the wall that contained a moonshine still.

Bussey leads fossil hunts not only in Glen Rose but once a year he takes a group to go digging in Florence.

He also goes on digs with schools from all over Texas. He has been digging with students from Travis Elementary in Houston for 23 years. During spring break his parking lot is full of school buses.

Bussey greets customers with a boisterous hello and never lets anyone go without a hug. He will regale you with stories about moonshine, fossils and other local lore with his soothing Cajun accent.

His rescue dog Clancy will entertain you with his tricks. He will also sip on a small cup of wine or bottle of water with you.

"Hospitality is very important to me. I enjoy meeting and greeting people and I love to hug. I have developed so many friendships here, it's one of the things I love most about living here,” said Bussey.

Bussey has a story to tell about everything around his shop. He has been featured on The Today Show and other news outlets.

He believes there are still many fossils to be found and will always be looking for them. He invites everyone to join him and is always up for an adventure.

Bring the family and for $6 they can dig for fossils while listening to a great storyteller.

“I love living by the river. You can find all kinds of adventure around it while enjoying the scenery,” said Bussey.