Matt and Denys Coates have their dancing shoes ready and are practicing for Dancing For the Stars, which will be held on Thursday, Nov. 29, at the Tarleton ballrooms.

Tickets are $135 and can be purchased by calling 254-485-9391 or from any of the dancers.

Other couples dancing this year include Ed and Cristi Dittfurth, Abel and Cayla Limas, Michael and Daniela Garrett and Jim Ed and Kari Haile.

The Coates sat down to talk about their passion and why they agreed to take on the dance challenge.

About Team Coates

Matt is the Erath County sheriff and Denys is a local pharmacist. The couple has three children:  Lane, Chloe and Conner.

Denys is from Wisconsin and Matt is from Big Spring. 

Why they are dancing 

“Erath County is phenomenal when it comes to taking care of our citizens,” Denys said. “BBBS fills a unique need – that of the positive role model and confidant for all children – regardless of home life, economic situation, or any other qualification that limits some of the other wonderful community service offerings.  

Their passions

Denys: “I am passionate about keeping our community the  wonderful place it is.  Six years ago Matt and I made a choice to move here – it was not by chance – and the spirit and love that we feel here is something that I want to keep alive for generations to come. “

Matt: “I am also passionate about being a law enforcement officer, and using that platform to better our community in every possible way.”

Why you should go

“You do not want to miss Dancing For the Stars because of the positive influence it has on our community, but also because I am not a dancer and you have got to see what kind of miracle worker Sherri (Evans) is,” Matt said. “We will win this competition because of Denys’ beauty and drive.  She will carry our team to victory!”