Erath County has a new extension agent and the E-T wanted to get to know a little more about Andrea Degelia and give her a proper introduction to our readers.

Degelia moved to Stephenville in 2009 to attend Tarleton State University where she received her degree in family and consumer sciences with an emphasis in child and family studies. Degelia loved it here so much she decided to stick around.

Degelia started her job in Erath County three months ago, but prior to that she served as the family and community health agent in Eastland County.

“Having the opportunity to serve as the agent in Eastland County, I feel prepared in coming to Erath County to serve as the community health educator and resource person,” she said.

Degelia’s roles include working with Erath County 4-H, Texas Extension Education Association groups and other key resource groups within the state and county.

“I am fortunate to work in a field I am passionate about and I was blessed to have the opportunity to be mentored by the previous agent. I am very motivated to continue the excellent quality of programs that have been established in Erath County before me, and to do all I can to grow these programs for the future,” she said.

Degelia has set goals for her first year that include familiarizing herself with the county’s various issues and tackling emerging ones.

Degelia is a mother to a four year old son that keeps her busy. She loves to cook, read and has a seasonal vegetable garden.

“I have met a great amount of resource people thus far with a passion for improving the health of our community, and I look forward to meeting many new people this next year,” she said.