Tickets to Dancing For the Stars are on sale now. The event will be held on Thursday, Nov. 29, at the Tarleton ballrooms. Tickets are $135 and can be purchased by calling 254-485-9391 or from any of the dancers.

This year’s team couples include Sheriff Matt and Denys Coates, Dr. Ed and Cristi Dittfurth, Jim Ed and Kari Haile, Abel and Cayla Limas and Chef Michael and Daniela Garrett.

Here are five things to know about Team Garrett

1. What are you known for professionally? 

Michael: I am the executive chef at the Tarleton State University's dining hall, Sodexo, where I am in charge of managing 98% of the food that goes out within the dining hall and campus. I also cater for upscale events such as weddings, private events and parties.

Daniela: I work as an administrative assistant in the business office of the dining hall as well as the event coordinator for all the events and activities that occur at Tarleton's dining services.

 2. What made you want to dance for Big Brothers Big Sisters?

The love for our community and the thought of giving back to the those that need it the most. 

3. What are you most passionate about concerning Big Brothers Big Sisters? 

The end results. Whether we win or lose, this competition is for a great cause and that is why we are here, although if we do take the victory it won't hurt our feelings.

4.Where did you grow up? 

Daniela: I grew up in Acuna, Mexico just 5 minutes from the border and moved to Meridian when I was 16.

Michael: In Stephenville, Texas.

5. Why would someone not want to miss Dancing For the Stars? 

Because it is going to be awesome since you have the best dancers out there, I'm talking in general, all 6 couples are amazing people.