A classy lady needs a bath at least once every few years, right?

Moo-La the cow, Stephenville’s beloved dairy mascot that has been in place on the courthouse square since Sept. 23, 1972, will get a proper wash and wax Monday morning. That’s according to Julie Smith, tourism and visitor manager for the city of Stephenville.

“We’re going to clean her up because they’re going to do a video here and take some pictures for publicity,” Smith said, adding that the photographer will be using a drone for filming from above. “One of our firemen has volunteered to help give her a bath.”

Smith said this is not the first time Moo-La has been given a “bath,” but she isn’t sure how many times it’s been done.

Smith said that Bryson Kanady, a member of the Stephenville Fire Department, happily agreed to give Moo-La the bath at the request of Fire Chief Jimmy Chew.

“He just jumped at (the chance) and he’s being a great sport,” Smith said of Kanady. “She’s a landmark. She’s a very identifiable park of our ’skyline.’ “

Smith said that Moo-La is made of fiberglass, and will get deluxe treatment. Kanady will bring brushes, buckets and towels to make sure she’s “udderly” clean, then apply an auto-grade polishing compound, then add a coat of car wax to improve her weather resistance.

“She’s a ‘Corvette,’ so we’re going to use a top-quality wax. She’s going to be ready for her close-up. It’s not every day you get to see a lady take a bath on the square,” Smith said with a grin.

The event can be witnessed starting at 9 a.m. Monday, Sept. 3.