Freshmen have officially moved onto the Tarleton State University campus and faculty, staff and students are preparing for the upcoming fall semester that began Monday.

To accommodate the burgeoning first year cohort, University Police and Transportation Services has implemented changes to effectively meet student parking needs.

More than 20 new spaces have been added to residential Red Zone lots near the gravel lot between Jones Street and Rudder Way. A former visitor lot at the corner of Cain and Jones streets, P44, and commuter lot, P40, at the intersection of Washington and St. Felix streets, also are available for residential students.

Commuter students will see additional parking as Purple Zone lots now allow them access to a large portion of the Memorial Stadium lot. What was once a Green Zone on the corner of Sloan and Harbin streets is now commuter parking.

Still another change is in P9, the student lot off McIlhaney Street. It is now zoned for both residential and commuter students. This change was designed to help reduce parking violations by allowing both groups of students full access to the entire lot. Combined changes increase commuter Purple Zone parking by more than 60 spaces.

Another change is the reassignment of most individual reserved spaces sprinkled in student lots all over campus. Some 24-hour reserved Silver Zone lots now accommodate re-designated individual reserved spaces and event spaces necessary to run student-focused programs like Job Fairs.

“We already have more than 80 events planned on campus that use our police and parking resources. Each event is Tarleton’s opportunity to reach out to thousands of visitors, community members, potential future students and supporters,” said Kasey Brown with University Police and Transportation Services.