The student enrollment count for the first two days of school in the SISD is in and the number was unexpectedly large, according to Superintendent Matt Underwood.

The first day of the 2018-2019 school year was Wednesday. 

As of the start of the second day, Thursday morning, the head count showed 3,699 students registered in kindergarten through 12th grade. Underwood said that the all-time record for SISD enrollment was in 2013 when the overall number reached 3,702.

There were 3,567 students on the first day of school last year. 

“It’s kind of shocking,” Underwood said. “We jumped up quite a bit in enrollment. I wasn’t really expecting that, but it’s good.”

By far the largest increase this year is at Henderson Junior High School, with 280 compared to 255 a year ago. 

When Underwood was asked if there was a previous time the overall enrollment numbers for opening day had gone up by that much during his previous 14 years as SISD superintendent, he said, “There hasn’t been, since I’ve been here.”

Gilbert Intermediate School has 575 students to start the 2018-2019 school year, a decrease of 578 recorded a year ago.

“Henderson Junior High had a pretty big uptick,” Underwood said. “Some of that was expected because we had a big sixth-grade class (moving into junior high).”

The enrollment numbers for each of the six SISD campuses (comparing the first day of 2017-2018 to the second day this year) are:

High school (9th-12th grades) — 1,066, up from 1,051.

Henderson Junior High (7th-8th grades) — 591, up from 504.

Gilbert Intermediate School (5th-6th grades) — 575, down from 578.

Hook Elementary (3rd-4th grades) — 536, up from 535.

Chamberlin Elementary (1st-2nd grades) — 520, up from 500.

Central Elementary (EE-kindergarten) — 411, up from 399.

More students can be expected because there are usually some late arrivals, Underwood noted.

“Usually we don’t get the total bump until after Labor Day,” Underwood said.

He noted that the overall enrollment has mostly ranged between 3,650 and 3,700 for all the campuses combined during his tenure. He said that the increase may be due in part to additional job opportunities becoming available locally.

“I think some of it is the growth at Tarleton, and the uptick in industry at FMC. They may be at their highest staffing level,” Underwood said.