Martin Luecke has been accepted for a place on the Nov. 6 general election ballot as an Independent candidate for US Congress District 25.  

There are six other independent candidates for US Congress in other Texas districts.

Martin is a former president of the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association, and is currently a commissioner on the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Plan Implementation Advisory Commission.  He is a 25-year resident of Windsor Park in East Austin and has delivered the neighborhood newsletter for 24 and a half years, and writes a monthly column called “Meet Your Neighbor.”

Martin has a plan for the future which begins with building the renewable energy grid.  This is a 40 year project that will employ half a million Texans, and is designed to reduce our use of fossil fuels and combat climate change and pollution.  

“Building the grid will reduce the cost of energy for all consumers, it will reduce the cost of health care, it will help the middle class economy, and it will reduce the need for foreign oil and foreign wars,” Luecke stated in a press release.

For more information about his campaign, visit

Martin plans to visit Stephenville in the next few weeks.