Shortly after the school year begins on Aug. 22, students at SISD will begin seeing a K-9 officer patrolling the campuses.

“Ixi” will soon head to Stephenville from her home in Abbeville, Louisiana, where Police Chief Jason King just returned. 

The soon-to-be new K-9 officer will be two years old in September and is trained to alert on weapons and narcotics, according to King.

The purchase of Ixi, the training for her handler and equipment will cost the school district about $25,000.

It’s part of the district’s efforts to increase school safety and security. 

“We think this is a good first step,” SISD Superintendent Matt Underwood told the Stephenville City Council Tuesday.

Underwood and Chief King addressed the city council seeking an “approval of memorandum” to purchase Ixi and a second school resource officer.

The motion was approved unanimously.

In a telephone interview following the meeting, King told the E-T the board will begin interviewing applicants for the position on Tuesday.

One of the two school resource officers will become Ixi’s handler.

“The person we select will head to Louisiana to start a four-week training course with Ixi,” King said.  

During Tuesday’s city council meeting, councilman Alan Nix praised both departments for their efforts to keep schools safe, but added “It’s sad it has come to this.”