Crime is something that happens in all communities and some of us can feel helpless when it occurs, but a free series being offered by the Graham Street Church of Christ will help get you educated on what to look for, how to stay safe and know who to call.

The Dangers to our Families Summer Series program is free and open to the public. It takes place at 6:30 p.m. every Wednesday through Sept. 5 at the church’s Family Center located at 312 N. Graham Street.

This month's topic is “community crime.”

“We’re going to deal with typical crime, but also things like sex trafficking and drugs, which of course are major issue,” said Graham Street Church’s lead minister David Bearden. “We want to look at the ways we can help deal with that. There’s a lot more we can do.”

Erath County Sheriff Matt Coates will be the guest speaker for Wednesday, July 18.

“This is educational so you know what to look for and you know how to get away from it and who to call,” Coates said. “It’s a good series for people who want to be aware and keep themselves and our community safe.”

The next guest speaker will be District Attorney Alan Nash on July 25.

“Ultimately, dangers to the safety and character of our children, as well as the family unit, are dangers to our community. A broken family is a common thread in most of the cases of drug addiction, crimes against persons, and property crimes in our county,” Nash said. “And it is, sadly, cyclical, in that community crime is clearly both an effect and a cause of the breakdown of family and shattered homes. Narcotics use, in particular, undermines the ability of people to be good moms and dads, good employees, good neighbors. All of this leads to family neglect, poverty, theft and violence.”

The topic for August will be dangers in school.

“We will talk about drugs, alcohol, bullying and school shootings,” Bearden said. “We’ve tried to make this more practical and say, ‘What can we do about it? Can we as a church help?’”

For more information, call 254-965-4510.