The Erath County Sheriff’s Office and Stephenville Police Department arrested a woman Friday after executing a search and finding fraudulent identifying information as well as illegal narcotics at the property.

Cathy Fenwick, 44, has been booked into the Erath County Jail on charges of fraud possession of identifying information, 50 items or more, a first degree felony; possession of a controlled substance in Penalty Group two, less than one gram, a state jail felony; and possession of a controlled substance in Penalty Group three, less than 28 grams, a Class A Misdemeanor. Her bond has not been set at this time.

“Investigators found approximately 500 pieces of identifying information consisting of Social Security cards, various dates of births, addresses, birth certificates, checkbooks, approximately 20 credit cards, identification cards and drivers licenses from various names along with other various items,” states a release from the sheriff’s office. “These items are believed to be from burglaries from the surrounding counties of Parker, Hood, Palo Pinto, Tarrant, Dallas and Erath. As the investigation continues investigators will be reaching out to these counties to speak with potential victims.”

The sheriff’s office is still investigating this incident, saying that more alleged suspects will be charged with criminal offenses.