Handsome Hunks of Erath County, which benefits Meals on Wheels, kicks off at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 17, and the judges stopped by the E-T to talk about their expectations from this year’s contestants as well as what they’re excited about.

This year's judges are Nicole Young, Shawna Glasgow, Dana Whitten, LeAnn Durfey, Holli Stone and Kim Andrae.

What are you expecting this year from the Handsome Hunk contestants?

Nicole Young: “Other than money being raised, I’m expecting some bribing for sure. They’ve kind of been slacking this year so hopefully they’ll step it up.”

Shawna Glasgow: “I’m not sure what to expect, but there hasn’t been much so far. Where’s the bribing boys?”

Dana Whitten: “Right now Kent (Howell) is in first place because he’s done a little bribing and the other guys need to step it up because it’s a lot of fun.”

LeAnn Durfey: “Kent, you’re in first place. You (guys) need to throw out some bribing moves really quick.”

Holli Stone: “I’m expecting some dirty dancing from you boys and some good bribes, remember that I love wine and shopping, and getting my nails done. So Kent thanks for my rose, it’s fabulous.”

Kim Andrae: “I’m expecting to raise a lot of money and some performances that raise the roof. Hopefully VW has to put a new roof on.”

What are you excited about as a judge?

Nicole Young: “I would have to say I’m excited because I like being involved in the community so being able to give back and support this organization that raises money for Meals on Wheels and of course the fun that comes with it all.”

Shawna Glasgow: “It’s a great cause for the community, I love Meals on Wheels it’s a great organization.”

Dana Whitten: “Lisa (Pendleton) does a good job of putting this together, she does a lot of work so hopefully she’ll get rewarded for the effort she does.”

LeAnn Durfey: “As a Meals on Wheels weekly driver, I’m so excited to see as much money as we can possibly raise.”

Holli Stone: “I enjoy fundraising and being part of the community and helping with a good cause, but I’m most excited about working with all these girls and having fun.”

Kim Andrae: “I know what it takes to put on a charity event, so I’m hoping we can raise a lot of money for a needed gift in Stephenville and I’m also excited to learn more about this organization.”

To find out more about Handsome Hunks of Erath County or to purchase tickets call Lisa Pendleton at 817-715-1682.