The Cody Davis Pride of Stephenville Art Exhibit opened this week at Bruner GM featuring beautiful works done by high school freshmen and sophomores, which are now up for silent auction through July 5.

Davis grew up in Stephenville and plays in the NFL as a safety for the Jacksonville Jaguars — formerly the Los Angeles Rams.

“I’m always looking for new ways to give back and get involved in the community, especially here in Stephenville where I was born and raised,” Davis said in an interview with the E-T. “So I try to come up with these events to raise money for good causes that I want to support and also just get in front of the community and kids face-to-face.”

There were 50 canvass art pieces that Davis went through and narrowed down to first, second and third places, as well as several finalist that are all available for auction.

“It was really hard to pick, but I feel like the top three were really cool,” Davis said. “They would look good on someone’s wall in a house.”

The first place winner is SHS freshman Kacie Everett, second place winner is SHS sophomore Jordan DeCorte and the third place winner is SHS sophomore Edgar Juarez. The three will all receive a cash prize.

“Cody and Bruners make a substantial donation to the AP art program,” said SHS art teacher Emily McLemore. “The pay for 20 kids’ AP portfolios, which is $120 per kid. The money from the silent auction goes to the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes.”

The art students all followed the same criteria — using watercolor on canvass to create something that is iconic to Stephenville.

On Thursday, Davis attended the exhibit with a meet and greet and radio interview with KSTV’s Boots Elliott.

The FCA also attended the event selling a variety of merchandise and serving up hamburgers.

The annual Cody Davis Youth Football Camp will kick off Saturday morning at the high school and is already full.

“The camp is always really fun and a lot of work goes into it,” Davis said. “I thank the coaches and volunteers who give their time and effort to make it all happen. But it’s a lot of fun, there are a lot kids and it’s exciting.”

The NFL Foundation helps fund the camp each year with a grant enabling the camp to be free for the kids who participate.