Erath County Courthouse employees were greeted Wednesday morning by a damaged brick planter under the Chamber of Commerce digital event sign after it was backed into by a white four-door Dodge truck.

The hit and run occurred just after midnight and was caught on surveillance video.

“We have about 12 cameras outside of the courthouse so you can’t make too many moves without being caught,” said county facilities director John Wooley.

Stephenville police came out to make a report.

“The Chamber owns the sign and as far as we know it wasn’t damaged,” said Stephenville Police Chief Jason King. “We’ve got to get an estimate on the damages and would definitely like the person to come forward so we can get this accident worked.”

The offense — failure to meet duty upon striking a fixed object — is either a Class C Misdemeanor if under $200 or a Class B Misdemeanor if more than $200 in damages.

Wooley also hopes the person will come forward.

“What bugs me the most is this mischief stuff. It just shouldn’t happen,” Wooley said. “This is a historical facility and people’s morals need to be better.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Stephenville Police Department at 254-918-1200.