Stephenville City Council members have been assigned to various committees. The assignments were made public during Tuesday’s council meeting at City Hall.

Finance Committee: Chair Mark McClinton, Carla Trussell, Brady Pendleton

Community Services Committee: Chair Sherry Zachery, Mark McClinton, Carla Trussell, Brandon Huckabee

Personnel Committee: Chair Sherry Zachery, Alan Nix, Brandon Huckabee

Planning/Development Committee: Chair Brandon Huckabee, Mark McClinton, Brady Pendleton, Rhett Harrison

Public Health & Safety: Chair Brady Pendleton, Rhett Harrison, Alan Nix

Nominations Committee: Chair Rhett Harrison, Carla Trussell, Alan Nix, Sherry Zachery

Public Works Committee: Chair Alan Nix, Rhett Harrison, Brandon Huckabee, Mark McClinton

Tourism & Visitors Bureau: Chair Carla Trussell, Brady Pendleton, Sherry Zachery.