Crystal is a sweet, pregnant two-year-old heeler mix up for adoption at the Erath County Humane Society and needs a home — foster or permanent — to keep her and puppies safe once they are born.

“She came in on June 1 and was found out on a county road. She’s very pregnant and no one has claimed her,” said EHCS executive director Diane McCoy. “We need a foster for her until she has her puppies and they’re weened. We will provide shots and vet visits and will take them back once they are old enough. It’s about an eight-week commitment.”

McCoy said the reason they don’t want Crystal to have her puppies at the shelter is due to Parvo.

“We have Parvo in the yard and you can’t get rid of it,” she said. “It’s so easy to transmit and it’s so dangerous for the puppies. We just need someone to keep her and her babies safe.”

Crystal is kennel trained, but hasn’t been around cats or dogs at the humane society.

“She’s very sweet and pretty, but someone did not take care of her,” McCoy said. “She’s too skinny to be having puppies.”

For more information about Crystal and other pets of the shelter, call 254-965-3247 or visit during hours of operation.