Stephenville High School teachers Mindy Pope, theatre; Emily McLemore, art; Tammy Jones, English and yearbook; and Kara Thomas, who is a certified theatre teacher, came together for the seventh year in a row to create a diverse world of art for young students.

Participating students learn how to act, dance, take photos, write creatively and screen print at the annual camp.

“This is our seventh year to do this,” Pope said. “Back then, all the camps you could do in the summer were sports, which is great, but not what every kid is into. The art teacher and I are friends and we came together and decided to do our own camp. The first year we had a ton of kids. This year we have 89 total campers, but out of those 89, we have 20 kids that are all day campers. It’s a little more, but we have more kids interested in animation than any before. It’s very exciting.”

Pope said on Thursday they will teach the campers how to do stop motion animation in the auditorium, which will include small groups. Each group will have a song that makes one big 15-minute show in the auditorium. Down the hall at the high school, families will be able to see the art gallery and each camper will be allowed to take their art home.

“During the week, the campers will screen print their own bag,” Pope said. “Screen print is where you take the paint and scrape the paint across a t-shirt or a bag. The kids are getting shown what screen printing is and how to do it.”

Campers’ art included from posters that will be shown on Thursday for the big show and kinetic sculptures.

“Last year was my first year,” said Zoey Clevenger, who will be a fourth grader in the fall at Stephenville Christian School. “So far (my favorite part) is the artwork. I’m an all-day camper and I’m doing the writing for the musical.”

McLemore explained how fun, wild and crazy animation camp is this year.

“For Mindy and I, it’s a different world because we’re both secondary teachers,” McLemore said. “We don’t deal with little children every day. It’s so much fun because these (camps) start them from when they’re four years old. We’re raising up art and theatre kids. That’s why our projects are harder from when we started because we expect more. They train them into being artists.”

McLemore said she’s proud that the campers are doing real artwork and real shows in four days.

“There’s nothing pre-packaged,” she said.

Tammy Jones is in charge of photography.

“We have lots of creativity going on,” Jones said. “Tametha Barker, who is certified in English, is working with (the campers) on the story end and I am working on the photography end.

“The best part is when the campers get excited about an idea they have thought of and the creativity has started.”