Stephenville attorney James Keene, 57, has bonded out of jail and appears to be back in business. 

Keene was arrested in May for allegedly asking a female client to have sex with him in order to satisfy her outstanding legal fees.

District Attorney Alan Nash declined to talk about the case Monday and would not say if more victims have come forward.

“All I can say is that the case is still pending and we will be taking it to a grand jury,” Nash said.

Immediately following his arrest, Judge Jason Cashon issued a temporary order that prohibited Keene from practicing law, but that order has expired, Nash said. 

The state bar will ultimately decide if Keene has a future as an attorney. 

The E-T called Keene’s office Monday morning and was told they are open. 

Fort Worth attorney Mark Daniel has been hired to represent Keene.

“We are working diligently to bring about a satisfactory resolution to all the issues related to this,” Daniel said in a brief conversation with the E-T on Monday. 

Keene has been charged with compelling prostitution, a third degree felony.