Local resident Justin McCann, owner of Justin’s Collision Center, recently volunteered to paint a walker used daily by two-year-old Addie King who suffers from cerebral palsy after her mother, Katie King, made a Facebook post seeking someone to jazz up her daughter’s walker.

Addie needs a walker for day-to-day use, so the Kings had to make a trip to the Metroplex to get the only walker that was available, which was yellow in color.

At a doctor’s appointment in Plano, the Kings saw the same walker but in a different color. King immediately asked how the family found a pink walker and the family said an auto shop painted it for them. King knew she couldn’t leave the walker with an auto body shop for several days because the walker is the only way Addie can get around.

After King posted on the Facebook page, McCann responded almost immediately.

“It took him a few hours. I don’t think people understand that medical equipment has a million bolts and screws,” King said. “It was awesome because the shop had the availability. (McCann) had the correct tools to finish the whole project. He worked on the walker all day. By the evening he messaged me saying it was drying and that the walker would be ready by the next day.”

McCann had never taken on a project like King’s walker before, but decided helping the family was the right thing to do.

“I had the supplies to do it,” McCann said. “I made her a custom pearl pink color. We took the walker apart. She just wanted it painted, but to do it right, you must take it apart. It was on Memorial Day when they brought the walker over. I put it all back together and they brought Addie back when it was finished the next day.”

The Kings never want anyone’s pity.

“This is who she is, and we are going to accept it," King said. "She’s going to go on and do great things. The walker helps her so she can go anywhere and do anything.”