Erath County Humane Society executive director Diane McCoy always does her part to make sure stray animals have a place at the shelter, even when full, and that’s the case now with an overwhelming 72 cats and kittens on the premises.

“We’re going up instead of down and the majority of them are strays. Some of the kittens have actually been born here,” McCoy said.

The humane society even has a litter of newborn kittens, which McCoy said isn’t the best thing.

“People will pick them up because the mom isn’t around, but 90 percent of the time she will come back. The moms usually tuck them under shrubs where they’re safe while they go out and hunt,” McCoy said. “Now if they’re in the road or somewhere they’re not safe, then yes you might want to pick them up but a lot of times they die when they come here and aren’t around their mom. So if they’re in a safe place, leave them alone.”

McCoy said she will attempt to get another cat mom to accept the little ones.

“But sometimes they won’t,” she said. “You have to get them to eat and if you bottle feed them the wrong way they will die and if they don’t go to the bathroom they will die, so there’s just a better chance of leaving them alone." 

For more information about how to adopt a cat from the humane society, call 254-965-3247 or visit during hours of operation.