Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

In addition to last week students, there are six more eighth graders graduating from Morgan Mill.  Brylee Seaboum will be attending Huckabay High School next year.  She will be playing basketball and running track.  In Morgan Mill, she played basketball, ran track, played softball, member of the drill team and cheerleader.  Her best memory of her years in Morgan Mill will be the Thanksgiving Dinner.  She liked serving the troops.  Since she is the only one attending Huckabay this year, she is going to miss everybody.  All the kids reminded her that she was not moving; she will still be in the neighborhood.

Noah Mendoza will be attending Stephenville High School.  He wants to play in the band and play basketball.  He will always remember Morgan Mill because he knew everybody.  He said that he missed Michael when he moved last year, but the kids said that he survived. 

David Clark, Jr. will be moving to Iowa this summer.  His favorite thing was his moving to Morgan Mill. He really has not made any future plans.  The first thing his family will be doing is looking for a house. We all wish David and his brother Jake, best wished for next year.

Christian King will be attending Stephenville High School.  He wants to play basketball and run cross country. He has plans to participate in UIL competitions, debate, band, audio video, and chess club. His favorite memory was his seventh grade field trip to Houston and Fiesta Texas. They will be going to Austin this year for their eighth grade field trip soon. 

Piper Slawson will be attending Stephenville High School.  One thing I asked her was “how was Algebra.” This is the first Morgan Mill class to take Algebra and Spanish in the eighth grade. She said that Algebra was not for everybody. It was a challenge over the internet. She does recommend Spanish, though.  Several of the kids said that it was fun. Piper plans to participate in theater and choir. Her favorite memory will be the Valentine Dances from seventh and eighth grade years.  Something always weird happened. The kids did not go into detail on what “weird” meant. Piper enjoyed the bonding that Morgan Mill provided. 

Taden Zeh has attended Morgan Mill for one month. He transferred from Tom Ball. He will be going to Stephenville High School. He will be playing football and basketball. 

On Tuesday, May 8, the eighth graders will be placing flags on the veterans’ graves at the MM Cemetery.  On Saturday, May 12, we will be eating breakfast at the Community Center and lunch at the tabernacle for “Graveyard Working Day.”