1. Do you favor the SISD bond proposal? Why or why not?

Having served on the SISD Facilities Committee from the beginning, I spent months listening to and evaluating the needs and deficiencies of the district. I saw firsthand how our teachers and students deal with inadequate aging facilities, buildings that are unsecure, and a lack of educational programs.

For the safety of our children, the campuses must be enclosed with safety features and fire sprinkler systems. I believe that career and technology programs and facilities are important for the future of our students, especially those students who will enter the workforce after high school.

Currently at the high school, our auditorium isn't able to meet the needs of the student body, the fine arts departments have outgrown their spaces, our agriculture students do not have a facility that meets their needs, and our softball team travels off campus for practice and games.

I fully support the SISD bond proposal that will provide safety, education, and improved facilities for our students. I am proud that over 80% of our students are involved in extracurricular activities which include FFA, band, theatre, choir, athletics, etc. and I believe that they deserve the ability to further these endeavors.

2. What changes, if any, would you like to see implemented in regards to school safety?

We as citizens will need to help the police department by being diligent and involved  in our awareness of surroundings and the protection of our children.

I believe that bullying and threats must be reported and handled immediately before situations escalate. The health and safety of our children and teachers must be held to the highest standards and students who are suspected of bullying, threats, or disrespect to  their fellow students or teachers must be dealt with immediately.

A positive and safe learning environment is due to all. There is no single solution to this problem. It will take us as a community working together to protect our students and teachers. This is where the school bond will help in keeping exits contained and controlled front access monitored.

We must pass the school bond to help provide a safe environment for our students and teachers. I will look at all ideas and suggestions in order to protect our greatest assets, our children and SISD employees.

As parents, we need to feel our children are safe and protected at school and our teachers and students deserve a safe environment to teach and learn.

3. What in your background makes you qualified to serve as a trustee?

The roles of the school board involve adopting goals, adopting policies, overseeing the Superintendant, adopting the annual budget, adopting the annual tax rate, and being community engaged as stated by the Texas Association of School Boards.

I have been a resident and successful business owner in Stephenville for over 20 years. My leadership qualities include decades of financial responsibility and management involving my own personal finances, business finances, school finances, church finances and club finances.

In 2010, I saw the need of students wanting an education in the healthcare field. I then founded Dental Career Center of Stephenville. I wrote the curriculum and am certified by the State of Texas to teach and certify dental assistants.

I have been a servant of this community for over 20 years. I am a member of the Optimist Club since 1997, a member of Leadership Stephenville Class of 2000, I am the SISD and Tarleton sports team dentist since 1997 and 2000 respectively. I have the business knowledge, leadership skills, and educational background needed to successfully serve on the SISD School Board.  

I am committed to our students and teachers success and safety. I am passionate about education and an experienced business leader.