The Husband and I are big sushi lovers.

When we got tired of burning tread to and from Miyakos in Granbury to get our sushi fix, my better half decided he would learn to make his own.

So after receiving a sushi-making kit for Christmas a couple of years ago, he set out on a mission to learn the art of sushi-rolling.

As it turns out, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed guy from Southern California is pretty good at it, and has dazzled our close friends with his mad sushi skills.

But we were still thrilled earlier this year when we learned a new sushi restaurant was opening in Stephenville. 

On Tuesday I received a text from Dongdong Duan, owner of Enoki Sushi, who informed me he was opening for business on Wednesday.

You can probably guess where we had dinner that evening. 

Enoki Sushi is just what residents of Stephenville looking for a nice Japanese restaurant were hoping for. 

It’s dimly-lit, beautifully-decorated and has a fantastic offering of sushi rolls as well as a variety of bento boxes and hibachi entrees. 

We started Wednesday’s dinner with edamame and a lobster roll made to perfection. I had scallops from the hibachi and The husband had chicken as our entrees. 

The restaurant was packed and the service was great. 

The only downside is that Enoki Sushi doesn’t have its TABC license just yet, but they are expecting it in May, at which time they will begin selling beer, wine and sake.

But for now, you can bring your own to enjoy.

The restaurant is located at 100 Wolfe Nursery Road Suite 198 next to Paradise Pools and Burke’s.

Check them out online at