Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

Last week, we talked about the Morgan Mill High School Seniors.  There are a few more that did not go to Stephenville High School so if I hear from them I will include them in our list.  This week starts the interviews of the eighth graders.  There are twelve graduating this year.  Camilla Buchanan is on the top of my list.    She was a Morgan Mill cheerleader for three years.  She has already been chosen as a Stephenville High School cheerleader. 

If you see the Buchanans, they are selling Dominos Pizza coupons for the high school cheerleaders.  It is only $10. The favorite thing that Camilla will remember about MM is the “closeness of all the students.”

She has attended MM since kindergarten and she will always remember the Thanksgiving Dinner and meeting the soldiers.  She knows that high school will be different and she will miss Morgan Mill

Jake Clark will be leaving Morgan Mill in July.  His family will be moving to Iowa.  His favorite memory of his eighth grade year is the Halloween Carnival.  He enjoyed helping the little kids at the booths.  He played football, basketball, and track and played baritone in the band. 

Katelyn Ivey has been in MM since the third grade.  She is excited about attending Stephenville High School because she has already been accepted in the Stingerettes.  She is looking forward to taking art classes next year.  She will always remember MM because “we are like a family.” She will be sad next year because her best friend, Brylee Seaboum, will be attending Huckabay High School. 

Clinton Nelson will be attending Stephenville High School next year.  He wants to play in the band and work on the yearbook staff.  Clinton will always remember the Morgan Mill Thanksgiving Dinner and serving the soldiers.  He said that he is not ready to leave. 

Lila Richards will be attending Stephenville High School.  She will continue her cheerleading by being a high school cheerleader.  She wants to play basketball.  Her favorite thing about Morgan Mill is that you get to play all of the sports.  She will be sad leaving her teachers who help them out a lot.  Another thing, she will miss seeing the little kids every day at school.

Kiran Shewmaker will be attending Stephenville High School.  She wants to play basketball and softball and work on the yearbook staff.  Her favorite memory of Morgan Mill will be last year’s field trip to Fiesta Texas.  All of the eighth graders agreed that the Batman ride was exciting.  This year the seventh and eighth graders will be going to Austin to visit the Capitol.  She is going to miss Mrs. Jones, her eighth grade teacher.  She admits that she likes to be “mean to her.”  I did not ask her to explain.