1. What in your background makes you qualified to serve on the Stephenville City Council?

A person learns a lot about oneself in the face of defeat, and my time away from council has allowed my reevaluation of citizen priorities.  By visiting with hundreds of people, and learning from my mistakes, I have gained a renewed understanding of conservative values related to citizen expectations.  

"I listened and there will be no costly over-planning and consultants"

My previous council experience will allow me to begin working for the citizens on day one, with no learning curve. This is not true of my opponent.  That experience includes extensive budgeting, contract review, exact infrastructure needs, planned development, committee responsibilities, and economic enhancement programs. I was elected Mayor Pro Tem to act in the Mayor's absence.

I have a Business Administration Degree from Tarleton, and own and manage a successful business.  As a small businessperson, I am disciplined in minimizing expenditures for maximum return.  I operate my business at near debt free levels. 

My pledge to lower taxes demonstrates a commitment for less intrusiveness.   My message of conservative rural values, orderly growth, improved infrastructure, and unwavering support for all emergency services is vital.  My motivation derives from a deep 48 year appreciation for Stephenville, Texas.

2. What is the biggest challenge facing the city and how would you address it?

The city must address aging infrastructure, while continuing high quality secondary needs.  There is an ongoing challenge to replace obsolete clay sewer lines, The process of evaluating the old lines began several years ago, the oldest lines were inspected first, and the needed repairs or replacements have begun. The projects are costly and must be coordinated in association with financial resources.  This is so that underground utilities are addressed prior to street resurfacing. I supported the pavement strategy that analyzed every city street. Once assessed, they were prioritized in order of greatest need. This challenge was met with greater funding for streets. If elected I will see that it continues to be a priority.

Low interest loans are available for the Eastside Sewer. I would address this issue by "staying the course", focus on cost saving alternatives, and continue to seek any available grants or forgivable loans. Notably, I voted to heavily invest in EMS readiness and to secure our city's future water needs with the cash acquisition of 536 acres of water rich property, insuring a future water well field for generations to come. This eliminated our dependency on Proctor Water. 

Also, SPARD youth programs must be fixed!

3. Why should voters choose you over your opponent? 

There are several differences between my opponent and myself regarding experience, education, style, and taxpayer status. My public service began in 2007 when I served as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner. My years serving the citizens allowed me to develop and utilize my ability to debate the issues skillfully. I led the effort that resulted in lowering the tax rate in 2014, as well as saving taxpayers’ money on a playground cover at one of the city parks, among other savings. 

During the Ranger College tax proposal, I was one of the key leaders to assist in its defeat. I saw that a new tax on our overtaxed properties would hurt economic growth for Stephenville. I am a 2016 graduate of Leadership Stephenville, and a graduate of the Citizens’ Police Academy.

If you elect me, I will continue to stand up for YOU. I have lived here for the past 48 years and have been a local property taxpayer for 36 years. I have a renewed approach and numerous people encouraged me to run. That includes multiple conservative members of the current council, and business leaders. I wholeheartedly support incoming Mayor Doug Svien.