What in your background makes you qualified to serve on the Stephenville City Council? Experience in managing a large retail business Small business owner of two local businesses Address issues – identify, plan, execute and evaluate My educational experience has given me the necessary tools to be successful in both the corporate business world and in starting and managing two successful businesses upon returning to Stephenville.  In the corporate business world, I worked in large chain retail and was quickly promoted to a General Manager position. From managing a budget, hundreds of employees, day to day operations and facilitating conflict resolution, each experience allowed me to gain applicable knowledge for serving on the city council.  Working as a team is a strong suit as I listen to those around me to identify an issue, cooperatively plan a strategic resolve, execute the plan and lastly, evaluate the results in performance measures. When I returned to Stephenville, I started my business, Huckabee Inspection Group and with hard work and diligence, it is a thriving, successful business. To prepare me for serving you on the city council, I have been attending council meetings and meeting with stakeholders, city officials and citizens. I am a life-long learner and will never feel as though I have all the answers.

2. What is the biggest challenge facing the city and how would you address it?

Infrastructure Economic Development Addressing the basic needs while keeping the property tax rate as low as possible The biggest challenge has been and will continue to be addressing our infrastructure needs within a carefully managed city budget.  Providing you with the most basic needs of water, sewer, streets, police and fire is the primary function of your government. These basic needs are also a big part of the economic development puzzle.  Being tasked with managing a budget, setting a property tax rate and overseeing the expenditures while being responsible to the taxpayers is challenging.  Communication is key. Working cooperatively is vital. My desire to keep taxes as low as possible is a top priority, yet years of postponing water and sewer issues have put our city at risk.  It is time to move forward and address those issues.  We are very fortunate to have an excellent city administration and staff who are highly qualified to help guide the council in addressing those issues.

3. Why should voters choose you over your opponent?

Service above self I will listen and work I will not make promises I cannot keep First and foremost, I truly love Stephenville and I have a deep desire to serve our citizens.  To honestly and genuinely care for our city, means service above self.  The people are the heart of our community and you deserve someone who will not only listen, but initiate a plan to address your concerns.  You deserve a good steward of your tax dollars who will work to provide the best services, paving the way for future economic development.  The buzz words “lower taxes” makes us feel good but it does not address providing tomorrow’s basic needs.   Future economic development will certainly increase revenue and circulate more tax dollars which will allow the city to address long-term infrastructure needs with a lesser burden on you, the taxpayer.  All of this takes a cooperative, cohesive council that works together alongside SEDA and you.  We’re better together.  That’s what this campaign is about – you – not me.  If you like what I am offering in service to you, then cast your vote for Brandon Huckabee, Stephenville City Council, Place 8.