The Stephenville City Council is expected to vote - or at least hash out - more on the east side sewer project during a special meeting tonight at City Hall.

The council will first meet at 5:30 p.m. in the training room for a work session where they will discuss the project’s three-phase financing approved by the Water Development Board for $17 million. The city, however, was not approved for any loan forgiveness.

Deputy City Administrator Jeremy Allen said council members could decide to issue certificates of obligation tonight. 

“But nothing will be lost if they table it or don’t make a decision (tonight),” Allen said. 

The city has until March 31, 2019 to accept the loan.

The east side sewer project has been in the works for years. In a previous interview with the E-T, Director of Public Works Nick Williams said, "The 2004 comprehensive plan identified the eastern side of the city as lacking in sewer connections and some of the existing system, in the older parts of the city, may be deteriorated in condition or not be able to handle the capacity of future development."

Williams added that the construction of the east side sewer project will serve the potential development of approximately 19,000 acres [30 square miles] east, north and northwest of the current service area.