1. What in your background makes you qualified to serve on the Stephenville City Council?

I have served on the Planning and Zoning Commission since 2014.  While serving in this role, I have always championed property owner rights and limited government.  I have consistently made decisions that created a business friendly environment. 

I believe strongly in the benefits of education.  I graduated with honors from Tarleton while earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in management, a minor in marketing, and a Master of Science Degree in management and leadership.  

However, my foremost attribute is the ability to relate to circumstances of everyday people. I was raised by strong moral parents on a nearby ranch, in a wholesome setting. My family instilled in me reason, strong work ethics, and Christian values. I empathize with graduates attempting to find local employment, because I struggled to find a job after graduation.  This led to an appreciation of the need for more quality local jobs.  Life experiences have taught me to learn from everyday struggles and channel them into accomplishments. This ability to relate to ordinary people will result in precise voter representation. I will always focus on our citizenry, magnified by a passion for Stephenville's success.  

I am a proud conservative, and a voting Republican.

2. What is the biggest challenge facing the city and how would you address it?

The most critical is our infrastructure. I will work towards renovating and improving our streets, water and sanitation lines.  I have personally had city sewage back up into my home, and it is utterly unacceptable. 

We must apply the necessary resources to uplift our police, fire, and E.M.S. Most agree our Senior Citizen's Center is in disrepair.  SPARD youth programs justify improvements as children are the highlight of our park system. We have traditionally offered these services and should maintain and improve them.

The city has accomplished 30% of our pavement plan and must continue this priority. The Council will soon address Eastside Sewer again, and I only support the corrective phase 1 of this project, rather than the unnecessary expansionary phases of 2 and 3.  I suggest utilizing grants, low interest loans, and possible loan forgiveness to instead repair antiquated clay pipes within the city limits.

It is essential to save money with efficiencies, trim fat, and reallocate funding to priority issues.  We need to ensure that we are not over staffed, combine departments where possible, explore privatization, and tap into overfunded/over-taxed multi-million dollar reserves.  I plan to inspire SEDA to focus more on higher paying industrial level jobs. 

3. Why should voters choose you over your opponent?

The Council has cut $700,000 of non-priority spending, saved 5.4 million in unfunded liabilities, increased street improvement funding, thwarted a potential $50,000,000 multi-purpose facility, and continued uninterrupted daily operations while lowering your tax rate. New businesses are arriving. The Council accomplished this by embracing conservative principles. Principles I hold in high esteem.

Doug Svien will be our new Mayor, whom I fully support. Alan Nix supported Doug's opponent last year. Alan Nix was the only council member to vote AGAINST lowering taxes, saving $5.4 million, and cutting $700,000 in waste. Alan recommended raising property taxes 10%.  He has voted to raise taxes multiple times, and votes consistently with government. He was the only council member not to lend his name against the Ranger Tax, which I labored publically to defeat.

Mr. Nix is an honorable man, but I disagree with his voting record, and records are fair to scrutinize. I will better represent Stephenville, and I ask for your confidence. Can we afford continuing to elect our officials by friendship, long-term residency, or civic affiliations? The people of Stephenville deserve conservative representation. I would like to be that conservative voice, and I humbly ask for your vote.