1. What in your background makes you qualified to serve on the Stephenville City Council?

My family has been in business in Stephenville for almost 80 years.  I am the 3rd generation to work in our small family owned business.  I am actively involved in the day to day operations of this business, including purchasing, sales and customer relations.  I deal with personnel, budgeting, planning and scheduling.  I understand the difficulties of keeping a small business operating and the complexities of balancing employees, products, services and pricing.  As a lifelong resident of Stephenville, I am invested in our great city and my heart belongs to this community.  I believe my business experience, my knowledge of Stephenville, as well as my knowledge, experience and service on the city council make me a better choice to continue to serve on the council.

2. What is the biggest challenge facing the city and how would you address it?

The greatest challenges for Stephenville will continue to be to grow at a manageable pace and to provide necessary services and infrastructure for that growth; as well as addressing the current state of disrepair of the city’s infrastructure.  We must maintain and improve existing services, programs and infrastructure. Because of the age, condition and disrepair of many of these assets of the city, this will be difficult to accomplish while working within a reasonable budget.  I do not believe outsourcing services the city currently provides would offer a viable solution to these financial challenges.  Many people were willing to plan and sacrifice for what we have in our city today and we must be willing to do at least as much for those who will follow us.  I want to leave our community in better condition for my children, grandchildren and all future generations.

3. Why should voters choose you over your opponent?

Voters should re-elect me as the most qualified candidate for the following reasons:

- 14 years combined service on council

- understanding of current projects and issues facing the city

- willing and ready to continue work on current and future plans and projects

- good working relationship and respect for current staff and employees

- willing and have proven that I will make the effort and take the time to research the issues and come to the meetings prepared and ready for discussion and making decisions

- former mayor pro-tem

- real world business experience and knowledge

- voted Best Elected Official in Erath County 2016